Ways Celebrate Black History Month

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One of the topics that are extremely vast that you will never run out of ways to celebrate it or things to learn is black history. For the rest of your life, you can devote every black history month to a particular theme, and you will still have to live for a lot of years to cover all of the things.  

African American individuals are not a monolith. Thus, there are many various aspects of black history you can concentrate on. The American Civil Rights Movement is certainly the most well-known one. However, you can also celebrate and learn about entertainment, important inventions, reconstruction, and much more.  

There are a lot of ways to celebrate this event. Aside from buying black history month merchandise, here are several ways that you can do to celebrate black history month.  

Support an Organization Lead by African American Women 

It is more crucial than before to support African American women in this current political environment. There are a lot of organizations that are focused politically that are led by African American women than can use your volunteer hours or donations. These individuals are in the stage of making African American history for future generations and you can be a crucial part of this history.  

Read Books by an African American Author 

For your book club or personal reading list, you should make a point to look for books by African American authors this black history month. Reading books by African American authors supports these writers and can widen your knowledge of perspectives and stories.  

Visit a Museum 

Almost every state has a black history or civil rights museum. A lot of state museums such as the Mississippi Civil Rights Museums concentrate on the influence of that certain state to the movement for Civil Rights. You can also go on a trip to visit Washington D.C.’s National Museum of Black History and Culture. This museum commemorates the extensiveness of black history across the whole country. Aside from knowing more about this significant history, you are also supporting the institutions and the individuals who make these places conceivable for future generations by going to a museum. Oftentimes, these are the supports that a museum requires.  

Watch Documentaries about Significant Moments or Individuals in African American History 

There are a lot of movies or series out there about African American history. There is probably a documentary available to stream that’ll pique your interest, no matter what individual or person you are interested in. you can check out the documentary of PBS about Lorraine Hansberry. She is known for creating “A Raisin in the Sun”. You will know more about her personal life and understand how much of a creative Hansberry was. “I Am Not Your Negro” is another excellent documentary to watch this African American history month. This documentary was released in 2017. It was made using the text of James Baldwin’s unfinished book and explores the life of the famous critic and author as he entangled himself with the movement for Civil Rights in the US. 

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