Things to Know About Water Damage and Flood Damage

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Most people think interchange flood damage and water damage. Today, we are going to find out the difference.

Flood damage presents a lot of health threats compared to simple water damage. In addition to that, flood damage can be more expensive to fix and can require extra insurance coverage.

So, what really is the difference between water and flood damage? Does it really matter?

Causes of Flood Damage

Here are several common causes of flood damage according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

Settling or breakdown of land throughout a lake’s shore or the same body of water because of undermining or erosion caused by currents or waves of water surpassing expected cyclical levels that can cause a flood.


Rapid and unusual runoff or collection of surface waters from any source.

Overflow of tidal or inland waters.

The definition of flood is that it’s a brief situation where 2 or more units of property or 2 or acres of dry land are covered in water.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is a general type with several causes. Your house can experience water damage from an overflowing toilet, a burst sewer line, a leaky water heater, or tons of other sources inside your house.

The Difference Between Water Damage and Flood Damage

Is your house the only one having any problems? Answering this simple question is one simple way to differentiate flood damage from water damage.

You are possibly dealing with water damage when your answer is yes.

On the other hand, it is possibly because of flood damage if your answer is no, and more than 1 house is having a similar problem.

Safety and Health Aspects of Flood Damage and Water Damage

Water damage has 3 types. These are:

Black Water (Category 3)

This type of water damage comes from standing water, sewage, and other things that can be greatly contaminated by toxic and pathogenic material. Before individuals can re-enter the property safely without safety gear, it needs a severe degree of sterilization.

Grey Water (Category 2)

This type of water damage comes from failures of sump pump, dishwasher leakage, and other things that could involve a few contaminations. Usually, it needs a degree of decontamination and sanitation.

Clean Water (Category 1)

This type of water damage comes from faucets, supply lines, and other things that usually are not contaminated. Usually, it can be cleaned with dehumidification, drying, and extraction.

Flood water will always be under category 3. That’s why it is always crucial to contact a Nashville restoration company for help when you have flood damage.

Insurance Coverage

Usually, flood insurance isn’t covered by your usual insurance policy. That’s why you have to invest in a separate insurance policy before any flood damage takes place.

On the other hand, water damage is usually covered by your policy. You have to call a professional restoration company to talk about your policy whenever you are dealing with water damage. This will help identify payout, coverage, and establish a restoration plan.

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